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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What will be will be

Training is getting intense!  It is not any harder than in normally is, it is just getting more intense.  Most people are partly getting excited but mostly trying to perfect everything they can before departure for China in less than two weeks.  While the team is doing really well, it is obvious that everyone is crossing all T's and dotting all i's and with that comes an intense atmosphere.  It is an atmosphere that I am accustomed to being a member of 3 past Olympics but I am not quite use to feeling this underprepared.

A big part of me is logical and knows that I have come a long way in such a short amount of time.  Really, when I look back, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of me getting back into bathers and taking my 'dive out of retirement' (pardon the pun).  I have lost 22 kilo's, I have been trying very hard to keep my family on track, my job in place and make an Olympic team.  Sometimes I know I have not done a very good job at any of my roles but I have certainly given it my best shot and sometimes I wish I had more time to prepare and get use to the sudden change in lifestyle but the fact is Olympics is in just over 2 weeks and it's coming whether I like it or not.  

The best thing for me to do is put my experience hat on and give it my all.  The part of me that is getting very sensitive at training needs to be aroused so it brings out the best in me and settled enough to be able to make the changes I need to perfect my dive.  My training is coming together nicely but sometimes it feels like it will never be enough.  I remember thinking this way a little before Athens but this time it has been too much of a whirlwind to know if I have had enough time to make the come back I need.  

Time will tell and what will be, will be!

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