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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Kids!

Well now that I am on my way to making my 3rd Olympic team I should mention that I am also a mum.  I have two beautiful children that keep me busy and present me with a whole new set of challenges.  Combining work, training and parenting has been the hardest juggling act I have ever tried to do and things are rarely running smoothly.

Jet is my eldest and he is 6 now but when I had my won in 2004 Olympics, he was only 2.5.  Jet is in grade one and loving the social interaction with the other children.  He is a high spirited kid, that has more energy than a footy team but is very caring, gets along well with everyone and loves playing outdoors.

Ryder is my youngest and he will turn two after Beijing in October.  He looks a lot like his brother and is showing signs of matching his energy.  Like Jet, he loves the social interaction of other kids and is always the first in line for lots of cuddles.  All around both my kids are very happy, healthy, energetic boys.

To help us with our preparation, Rob and I employed a live in Nanny to help us with the early starts when the kids were still sleeping and the afternoons while we were still at training.  During the day, Rob looked after the kids while I went to work for Diving Australia.  After training in the afternoons I would come home and take over with the kids and then Rob went to work. 

 During this time, it was the most exhausting period of my life.   I still wasn't fit enough to keep up with training on it's own let alone training, working and keeping a family running.  Small tasks seemed like such big jobs and most of the time it was just hard work keeping my head above water.  Throughout all of this, I still wouldn't have it any other way and I was still loving the challenge of it all.  I must love the chaos because I even though I was struggling the whole time, I actually wouldn't have given any of it up.  At times I would even go as far as saying I was considering going on to World Championships next year in Italy.  What can I say, I love it!

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