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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hi there, this is my first post about my Olympic preparation.  For most people, I am sure they are saying that they are excited about the upcoming games and training is on track.  For me, it is a little more complicated but it makes it all the more exciting.

You see, I not only dive for Australia I also work for Diving Australia.  I am the National Talent Identification Coordinator and I love my job.  When I retired from diving in 2006 after the Commonwealth Games I didn't know how I would contribute my time to my sport.  I love diving and I would like nothing more than to see the sport grow an
d become bigger and better! It was the perfect role for me.  This was the perfect job for me.

My husband was also a diver - he didn't do too badly.  Just a World Championship Gold and a few (3) bronzes over two Olympic Games. We both retired to do our own thing.  I was working for diving and Robert was studying medicine.

One year out from the Olympic Games and I get 'Olympic fever' and I itch my way into my bathers.  Rob copies me.  Ha ha..

First up - I have to lose some weight. Since retirement I have to lose 22 kilo's.  yep - On a 5 foot frame, I look shocking!
Will talk again soon!!

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Anonymous said...

There are many more champions than the ones standing on the top of the podium. Champions are made from the investment they make. The greater the investment, the greater the Champion. Good luck as you continue to prepare for the games.